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We Are Ghost Moth

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đŸ’€ You have died. đŸ’€

After a battle against a terrible beast, death takes you … but it does not keep you.

Awoken by a powerful Lich under the light of the two moons, you are given a grave task: Safeguard the ruins of Torkadall, the Lich’s home, and all of its inhabitants from a deadly force that threatens their, and your, very existence.

With no memory of your past life and no direction in this new one, you accept the Lich’s invitation.

You will train with the monsters within, befriend the dungeon’s inhabitants, guard against this evil force, discover the secrets of this new world, and perhaps … even find true love.

About the Game

Match 3 Mechanics.

Matchmaker: Dungeon Heart takes the classic match-3 mechanic to a whole new level of adventure & excitement as you explore the ruins of Torkadall and increase your battle prowess.


Narrative driven gameplay.

You’ll get the opportunity to explore and build friendships with the various inhabitants of the old ruins through story-driven gameplay, exploration, and conversations.

Train. Befriend. Romance.

Each day you will have the opportunity to train with each character individually, converse with them, gain new abilities, and even find romance with the right person should you choose to.


Meet the Team

Jordan Cook-Irwin

Lead Developer / Programmer

Melbourne, AU

G’Day & Kia Ora!

Meet the brains behind the operation.

Kelly Gilkes

Lead 2D Artist

Melbourne, AU

Dylan Imeneo

Sound Designer / Composer

Melbourne, AU

Haydon Bakker Portrait

Haydon Bakker

Game Designer / Programmer

Melbourne, AU

Jaxon Lee Rose

Narrative Designer

Queenstown, NZ

In Collaboration With

Australian talent at its finest

Novel Profile

Novel Deckert

2D Background Artist

Melbourne, AU

Ayvee Smith UI Artist

Ayvee Smith

UI Artist

Canberra, AU

Avery Andruszkiewicz

2D Character Artist

Adelaide, AU

Jessie S A'Bell Logo

Jessie S. A’Bell

Hero Artist 

Melbourne, AU

Ayvee Smith UI Artist

David Munro

Social Media Manager

Melbourne, AU


Will Deragon

VFX & Animation Designer

Melbourne, AU

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